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In one similarly-named novel of A. Chekhov “ the house” symbolizes that cosy,

long-dead, irreversible, but unforgotten past that is so nice to be remembered. It’s clear that for the narrator  that  “ the house with the mezzanine” was a living being. He was full of tenderness speaking about it. He calls the house

lovely,  naïve and old . He felt  that “… the old house seemed to look  at( him ) with the windows of the mezzanine for eyes and understands everything.“ Time seemed to have stopped at that house…The whole life had gone and never would return.

Our  Dom Mezonin  is the same. On a lovely wooden veranda you can see tender colours, lavender bunches and other sweet trifles that imply  the details of the past.

On the walls and shelves we placed a series of photos of famous writers, poets, artists, opera singers, whose life somehow or rather linked with Kolomna at different  times.

The Old House. The lovely veranda and  mezzanine with the windows  looking out over the domes and the Kremlin.

Dom Mezonin

Kolomna, the Kremlin,

4, Lazhechnikov str.,


Veranda in the Kremlin:

Russian cuisine. Banquets.

Coffee shop. Cakes.


Banquets of old Russian dishes in the atmosphere of the 18-19 th centuries.

The “merchant” lunch ( kupetchesky obed)

The Museum of  the Russian cuisine

Set lunches for tourists.



 Travel office  Kolomna –excursions in the Kremlin and around Kolomna  
Souvenir shop in the Kremlin

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