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This old house is just near the Kremlin, at 2, Granatnaya street.It’s  the 19th century townhouse  of  the Gubernial  secretary Peter Goretovsky. The atmosphere of old time, a cupboard ,carved and old,  fragments of old brick masonry, a cuckoo clock, a coal iron, a gramophone ,the Russian stove and other trifles  create the culture and the 19th century everyday life. There is also a nice shelter shed on the territory and a lovely garden.

We offer:

Lunches for tourists from 400 to 100₽


Family dinners or parties with friends in the  atmosphere of the 19th century.

Seminars and lectures

Business events

Training sessions

Workshops and others


We have all necessary equipment.

 The museum of Russian cooking

We offer special dinners from 1000 to 3000 per person

Our guests can see and learn what the cook Agrippina  concocted for her  master Peter Goretovsky and enjoy typical Russian dishes. We invite you to dine on a noble scale, to know  how dinners served for merchants in the First and the Second Guild differ. We’ll tell you about typical cooking in Russian inns and treat in noble manors. You’ll have a nice cup of tea with delicious pancakes and honey and hear much about the Russian cooking, the lifestyle in the 19th century Kolomna and its people , their tastes and customs.

We offer many programs.  One of them is

“Excursions  at table”

It may be a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, a banquet  or a set lunch.

You pay for  the meal + 150₽ per person.  For groups from 10.

During the meal you’ll hear a fascinating story about our house, its tenants and their style of life. A lady housekeeper Natalya meets you and tells you about  her master,  his father and wife, an ill-tempered and stubborn cook  Agrippina who makes delicious dinners which attract  merchants and other noble people of Kolomna.  And if you like to   learn anything else, you may choose. You can dig in the atmosphere of  the 19th century with the legends and fables about Kolomna and hear interesting stories about  match-making traditions. For those lovers of good food and history  our curious stories about Russian cooking  will be of great interest.

You are always welcome to our beautiful Kolomna!


Devoted and experienced guides who like our town and know a lot of historical secrets about it will share very exclusive information with you.

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